Monday, January 16, 2012


4 years ago I met a little man that would change my life forever.
4 years ago I didn't realize that I could love someone so much.
4 years ago was one of the best days of my life.
4 years ago this little man made my family a family of three.
4 years ago my heart was full.
4 years ago I wept at the sight of his precious face.
4 years ago Jesus trusted me enough to bless my arms with ADLER GRAY.

Today I look back at all the adventures that we have taken as a family and I am humbled by Gods many blessings and graces.

A note to my son, Adler:
Bubba, gosh, I'm tearing up. I cannot believe that 4 years have gone by, it really seems like yesterday. I have to tell you that you are such a blessing in our lives. you have truly been a light. Your little face is just amazing and your laughter is infectious. You have been asking us lately to tell you jokes and when you think that they are funny you really laugh, but when we tell a bad one you say "mommy, that's not funny" which in turn is funny and we laugh together. You get a kick out of making Tate laugh. You are a great big brother whom sets a good example. Jesus Im sure is proud. You love brushing your teeth and swishing with mouth wash. You love life and you love people. You are very much like your daddy. You drink milk like its going out of style and you would eat McDonald's everyday if I let you. (eww gross). Your favorite color is still green - this might never change. You insist that you need a snack after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Honestly sometimes when you ask its so cute, that I have a hard time telling you "no". You are in love with anything superhero and you are just learning about Lego's which you are quick to say that "Tater cant play with them cause he'll eat them mommy". You love to dance, and your favorite song on the radio is a song by Mercy Me "Move". We even dance in the car. :) On your own you tell us that "you love us"- my heart smiles every time you do this. Of all these precious memories I could write about, I must say that the best thing about you is , YOU! "I love you to the moon and back", oh yes, this is something new you've started. I love you to the moon and back too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I had too

Every year for the boys birthdays I have to do "my own thing". Being artsy is a blessing and a curse. I love being creative, much of the reason I am an art teacher is because I love making things. Adler's birthdays in the past have been huge, highly decorated, which I love. up in till this year, i honestly don't think that Adler even knew what his party's theme was. Ohhhh let me tell you. Year one, Safari; year two, Space; year three, fire trucks, and year four Lego's. Now, Zach and I had talked about not "going overboard" for this years party and I even told my mother in love that I was going to keep it simple. Well all was well until I had a minute to spare while at school two days before my sons 4th birthday. I thought to myself, I cant "not" do anything. And thus the planning begun. I made life size Lego's, basically there were Lego's everywhere, and I even made the boys cute shirts. Check out the Lego craze I succumbed to....
This Lego cake is from our neighborhood Randall's.

For these little cuties, which Adler loved, I took wooden blocks and painted them and them cut out felt circles and glued them on to give the look of a Lego.
These life size blocks are courtesy of my schools paper room. Adler is about as tall as the big red one.
I love how these turned out! Too bad I didn't get ONE picture of either of the boys in their shirts. bummer.

Ad's birthday weekend

Adler is turning 4 on the 16th so we decided to have a weekend of fun.
Friday night Mia and Pop Pop came into town. We made dinner, shopped for party stuff, got ready for Saturdays party and then crashed. Pop Pop got up early and got the boys donuts. We enjoied them too. We spent the morning jumping on the trampoline.

:) Then about 9:45 pops and gammi, and the Howells arrived. We ventured to the park. Adler and Trent took the jeep, we walked.

The weather was perfect! We had a great time. A great family day!
Trent and Adler racing down the slide in their "not on purpose" matching sweaters.
Tater Tot
The Walker Girls, Robin, Me, and Mom

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh the joys of being a mommy. Those of you who are mommies will vouch with me when I say "I am hecka tired, but enjoy every second of this amazing journey. Ad and Tater are AMAZING. Yes, in capital letters. Adler is such the little man, talking up a storm, saying things like "you get what Im saying Mom?" or telling stories with 500 words in less then 1 minute, most of all he is a spectacular BIG brother. Tater Tot is ZACH all over. Now, when Ad was born I used to say this about him. But he is much more Zach then he is me. Looks and everything, personality, ect. And man oh man is he a mommas boy, and I am loving every second of it. He is one happy little thing, seriously happy. Adler is too, lets not forget.Since today is JANUARY ONE TWENTY TWELVE, Ive got some pictures to share. enjoy.

Lets try this again...Happy New Year

Its fun to look back at the years past, and all would be great except the last post I made was exactly ONE year ago. Yep, ONE YEAR. I feel incredibly lame. One year ago, Tate was only a few months old and Ad was 3. Wow how much has changed. I am going to commit (and if I don't is that lying?), OK, I am going to try to keep a regular post. I was going to say that I would take a picture a day, but I'm thinking that I need to start small.
So to start off this year Ill include some pictures.

Here is the "gang" at our annual New Years dinner. Its been a tradition for 7 years now. What amazing friends! Love you Frans Clan and Backyard Barners


Happy New Year Peeps.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

for adler

january sixteenth, two thousand eleven.- today you turned 3. what a journey it has been. we have loved watching you grow and investigate the world, in ways only you can. you are interested in everything super hero, anything that is technology related and you would eat fruit snacks for breakfast lunch and dinner if you could. you want to play hide and go seek everyday and if we forget to hide, well...we cant forget! you must be first through every door or you get really upset. you have an obsession for the color green and if someone asks you what is your brothers name you quickly say "tate green, cause that's my favorite color." yes, in those exact words. you refuse to get a haircut cause "you like it long". and afternoon naps are getting fewer and fewer, which means more play time. if you could you would help me make blueberry muffins daily. and of course i let you lick the spoon. thank goodness you haven't gotten sick yet. you have a very sweet spirit, you are very sensitive (like me I'm afraid. but I've learned that this is not a bad thing, especially when we recognize that we are wired by our heavenly father just the way he wants us) at night you watch your one show, we read you one book and then we say our prayers, then the next day comes and the first words out of your mouth are "its morning time?" we say yes and that is your cue that you are free to get out of bed. what a cute routine it is. we wouldn't change a thing. adler, what a sweet blessing you are to our family. how precious you are to all those around you. we cannot imagine our lives with out you (or your brother). it is a privilege to be your parents and we are humbled that the lord would choose us to show you his love and his ways. may you always know that you are deeply loved.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 356

for a few years now i have watched my good friend amy frans complete the anual "blog book" and in it she has completed project 365. i love hers so much ill try to be faithful and complete.
project 365 is simply this: your life in pictures everyday all year long, thus "365". ive decided that i am going to post weekly rather then daily.

january one- my first picture of 2011. there is no one i would rather take that picture with then my prince charming.

january two- beautiful. this is what my mommy is. she is more beautiful on the inside, though i think she is gorgeous on the outside.

january three-cute. how could i not post?

january four- tate. this is how he is all the time. he is a very happy boy. he reminds me alot of how his big brother was at this age too. happy happy happy. i am blessed!

january five- happy three month birthday tate walker. we love you. you have blessed our soul.